LGA2011 CPU Coolers

2LC9018 - Intel RTS2011AC Cooling Fan/heatsink

Rating Rating 5 stars
2LC9018 RTS2011AC Cooling Fanheatsink


Package Quantity: 1

The 2LC9018 - Intel RTS2011AC Cooling Fan/heatsink - a great CPU fan made by Intel is an excellent item for your pc. One of the many major characteristics for these CPU coolers is the compatible_processor_socket - socket r lga-2011. Other highlights include green_compliant - yes and number_of_fans - 1. Awesome deal on 2LC9018 - Intel RTS2011AC Cooling Fan/heatsink. To get the best offer for this item in addition to other items, click on our partners via the add to shopping cart button on this page.


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