LGA2011 CPU Coolers

Zalman CNPS12X Pure Copper Aluminum High Performance Triple Fan Multi-socket Amd And Intel Cpu Cooler

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CNPS12X Pure Copper Aluminum High Performance


Shopping online is a breeze and simple, which is why lots of people tend to shop online rather then visit the shopping mall. Interested in CPU coolers for the system? The CNPS12X Pure Copper Aluminum High Performance a great CPU fan made by Zalman is an excellent solution. CNPS12X Pure Copper Aluminum High Performance is definitely an instance of good quality LGA2011 CPU heat sink you can find via the web. If you are thinking of buying a CPU fan, you've come to the perfect place. This site offers you unique bargains just for this LGA2011 CPU heat sink with protected transaction. I actually liked that the CPU fan had zalman cnps12x pure copper aluminum high performance triple fan multi-socket amd and intel cpu cooler. Additional features include things like new - retail, zalman cnps12x and 1-year warranty. The CPU fan weighs about 4 lbs. Brand new CNPS12X Pure Copper Aluminum High Performance, add to cart by clicking the hyperlink below.

By using Triple Blue LED fans and VFP Dual Heatsink for maximum air flow and 6 high performance composite heatpipes in direct touch with CPU to increase thermal conductivity, the ZALMAN CNPS12X is setting the new standard of superior air cooling. Compatible with the latest Intel LGA2011 socket and includes all new high performance thermal grease ZM-STG2. Excelling in each design and functionality, the entire heatsink of CNPS12X is plated with 'Black-Pearl' Nickel for a long-term corrosion resistance, despite the reality that the deep"Black-Pearl"tone together making use of the high intensity Blue LEDs reinforce its potent aesthetics.

Features:Heatpipes: 6Input Voltage: 12VPowerful Cooling PerformanceUltra Quiet Triple Blue LED FANVFP Dual HeatsinkW-DTH Base appliedComposite Heatpipe appliedBlack-Pearl Nickel PlatingHigh Performance Super Thermal Grease ZM-STG2Installation Requirements: The cooler's installation requires an unobstructed space of 151mm (L) , 132mm (W) , and 155mm (H) , with the CPU as a central reference point. Please check if components such as ODD, VGA and PSU protrude into the necessary space. If the RAM memory's height is more than 40mm after inserting into the RAM slot, then 1 RAM slot can't be utilised due to obstruction.


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